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Onboarding Mobile Users: You’re Doing It Wrong

When you think about mobile onboarding, do you just focus on how to do it, the techniques?

Are you wondering why your retention rates are in the gutters and you aren’t seeing the onboarding rates that you want?

You’re not alone with those problems. When we talk about onboarding, teams tend to focus a whole lot on the techniques rather than what actually drives retention. In this article, we’ll move beyond the techniques and look at what you need to truly focus on to drive better onboarding rates and retention.

Can press releases help with Google Play ASO?

Coming I’m going to share some wins and loses from the previous month and also can press releases help you improve your keyword rankings on Google Play? You’ll find out. Stay tune.


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10 Killer Mobile App Monetization Strategies That Actually Work

Are you struggling to figure out how to get your app to actually show a profit?

Have you been banging your head against the wall, trying to figure out how to make your freemium or paid app generate sustainable revenue?

In this article, we feel your pain. We’ve examined dozens upon dozens of strategies for monetizing apps, so we’ll take a look at 10 killer mobile app monetization strategies that are actually proven to work and generate a solid profit.

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