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Getting Starting with Twitter App Install Ads with Shiraz Siddiqui

Are you looking to get started with Twitter App Install Ads? Well today’s guest is from Twitter and he breaks down everything you need to know to start running and optimizing your ads. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares the targeting features that you should use when you’re just getting started.

Shiraz Siddiqui is a Team Lead of Inside Sales SMB at Twitter.

Shiraz Siddiqui


Instagram Marketing for a Mobile App with Tammy Uyeda

How do you grow a following on Instagram for your app? Well today’s guest has close to 12,000 followers and she breaks down her strategy and the tools she uses to create the content. Also, if you’ve been struggling to get your first app launched, then listen to the part of the show where she shares the small step she took and how that lead her to publishing her app.

Tammy Uyeda is the creator and CEO of FitSpark Health Inc.

Tammy Uyeda


How to Validate Your App Ideas with Jordan Valeriote

How to do make sure that your app idea has the great chance of success? Well today’s guest talks about the process he uses to validate his app ideas. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares some of the biggest mistakes he’s made in the app business.

Jordan Valeriote is the Co-owner of The App Ward.

Jordan Valeriote

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