Mobile Growth Hacking Strategies

Mobile Growth Hacking Strategies


Get app marketing advice from admired app entrepreneurs through the blog and podcast.


Using mobile growth hacking strategies, we will help you get exposure, downloads, and App Store reviews for your app.

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Building Apps for Emerging Countries with Sergey Lossev

Are you interested in building apps for emerging markets? Well today’s guest shares a few key elements that you should know when developing for these regions. Also, listen to the part of the show where he reveals the tools he uses to rapidly prototype his apps. And there’s a bonus segment full of awesome PR tips.

Sergey Lossev is the Head of Product, Opera Max at Opera.

Sergey Lossev

Caroline Gennaro

Opera Software

Raising $50,000 From Friends and Family with Dustin Steeve

Are you looking to raise money for your app idea? Well today’s guest shares how he was able to raise $50,000 from his friends and family by putting on an event. Also, if you are looking to put on a conference or event yourself, then you’ll want to listen to his tips on how to get started.
Dustin Steeve is a radio and podcast enthusiast and co-founder of Signal.

The Developer Toolkit for Kids Apps with Laurent Mascherpa

Are you building apps tailored for kids? Well today’s guest built the toolkit that makes it easy for you to create a parental gate, cross-promote your apps and much more. Also, listen to his framework for developing relationships with the big kids app publishers.

Laurent Mascherpa is Co-Founder at Floop Technologies.

Laurent Mascherpa

Floop Technologies

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