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The Quick & Dirty Way to Get Quality App Store Reviews

Do you want a quick and easy way to generate reviews in either the iTunes App Store or Google Play Stores? Would you like to improve your App Store Optimization efforts? App Store reviews are necessary for any successful launch, because they provide potential users with information on whether or not to download an app. The more positive reviews you can generate, the more likely a user who stumbles upon your app is to download it. In this article, you’ll discover a quick and easy way to generate App Store reviews using a contest on TouchArcade. #1: Sign up for TouchArcade Forums TouchArcade covers the latest games and apps for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. They are the largest site dedicated to iPhone and iPod Touch gaming. While the website is specifically focused on gaming I have successfully run this App Store review contest for non-games. If you don’t already have an account there, you will need to register for one. This gives you the privileges needed to post in their forums. I would recommend commenting on a few threads, so that this contest is NOT your first post on the website. #2: Know the Rules Navigate to the Promo Codes and Contests subforum within TouchArcade. This is the place to provide promo codes for upcoming or newly released games and run various contests surrounding your app launch. Here is where you will run your App Store review contest. Before posting be sure you read through some of the rules. Here are some of the things that I see others do on other forums that are prohibited by TouchArcade: Don’t...

How a Cold Email to Apple Led to an App Store Feature

Getting featured by Apple is the Holy Grail for app publishers. It can drive huge amounts of downloads and spearhead multiple successful app launches in the future. But… How do you get featured by Apple when you have no connections? Maybe you live far from Palo Alto and can’t get an in-person meeting. Well, in this post, I will give you the exact strategy that I used to help MiniGamr get their app, Are You In Over Your Head?, featured in the App Store. #1: Build a Great App Not all apps deserve to be featured by Apple and while I question some apps that have been featured, it’s always important to remember that Apple wants to feature apps that are great for their customers and make them look good. There are apps that I’ve built that I know don’t deserve to be featured, so be honest with yourself. Not being featured by Apple won’t kill your launch, so focus on other app marketing channels. When MiniGamr hired us, they already had more than 15 million downloads for their apps and once I played Are You In Over Your Head?, I knew they had a hit on their hands. #2: Find the Right Contact Person The key to getting featured is to find the right person to email at Apple. There are general email addresses, but they don’t seem to get anywhere with getting featured. All you have to do is search on LinkedIn for “app store manager”, then filter the companies to just Apple. Most App Store Managers at Apple have a category that they oversee, so you...

7 App Marketing Ideas Before Launching Your App

It might sound strange, but you should actually start marketing your app before you even think about submitting it to the App Store or Google Play Store. It may even help you decide that it isn’t an app worth building. How can you do that, you ask? It might seem counterintuitive to market something that isn’t technically on the market yet, but the key is to build interest and get feedback before you officially launch. Here are 7 ways you can market your new app before it is even in review. 1. Create a Video The first thing you should do is create a video showcasing what your app can do. Hopefully, the video shows off the best of the alpha version of your app, and not the crashes and bugs! Make the video as polished as you can, stressing why the app is useful and why no other app will fit people’s needs as well as yours will. Here are a few tips for your video: Show your face! People want to see you, so talk to your audience with at least a headshot video. Have others talk about your app. If your friends have tried and loved it, let them tell their story. Show as much of how your app works as you can, with a witty narrative to help the audience along. You can create a video with just your mockup to pitch to the press to see if you should continue building the app. Here’s a video of an app that I was considering building: I used this to show some friends and actually pitch...

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