605: $25K in Debt to $1.2M in Sales

You are going to hear from an entrepreneur who I met early on in the podcast and how he's built an Amazon business with $1.2M in sales. You will discover how he went from building apps to running an ecomm business, the tools he uses to run that and how becoming obsessed with his goals led to him leaving his job and running this business full time. Heath Armstrong is the Founder at Fist Pumps, LLC

How to Drive App Downloads on Snapchat

Coming up you're going to discover a killer way to structure your Snapchat ads so that people actually download your app. Watch Video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/I3nGZdIZ4es

603: How to Increase Retention for An App with Sarah Boland

Coming up is an update on a previous coaching call with Sarah Boland. You will discover how she was able to land an Apple Feature as a first time app creator and different growth channels she's tried. Also, you will hear my advice on how to increase retention for an app that users may not use frequently, why she should increase the price of the in-app purchase, how to market on Reddit and a whole lot more.
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