Interview on The App Guy Podcast

Listen to Steve's interview on The App Guy Podcast and shares how to be successful App Developers. You will discover To massively successful app developers How to market his own apps Subscribe to The App Guy Podcast on iTunes:

570: Using AI to Save Lives with Brian Russel Davis

Today's guest was an early Pandora engineer and now runs a development shop with a team of 20 developers. He shares his new project on using AI to help save the lives of domestic violence victims. While we do delve into some serious issues, you will also discover how to build your own AI powered apps. Brian Russel Davis is the Chief Technology Officer at Women's Global Leadership Initiative and Founder at Axiom88.

569: Voodoo PM on Creating Addictive Games with Gabriel Rivaud

Today's guest is the former Head of Publishing and now Product Manager at Voodoo games. They have chart topping titles such as Snake VS Block,, Fight List and more. You will discover his key elements of addictive games, how to install a great working atmosphere for both designers and engineers and how he studies top games using a spreadsheet. Gabriel Rivaud is the former Head of Publishing and now Product Manager at

An Interview on The Brand Journalism Advantage: How To Get A Reporter’s Attention

Listen to Steve's interview on The Brand Journalism Advantage and shares how to get Reporter's attention. You will discover: Use Instagram Engage: communicate with reporters about things they’re talking about. Give a reporter the exclusive: first right to publish your announcement. Embed juicy details: put the GIF inside the email. Personalize your pitch: do your homework on the reporter so you can personalize the pitch.

568: 10X Revenue with ASO and Apple Search Ads with Marco Wenisch

I can't wait to share this indie success story. I met today's guest earlier in the year and since then he has 10X his app revenue using ASO and Apple Search Ads. You will discover his strategy for optimizing keywords in his Search Ads campaigns, a hack to let Apple come up with the best keywords and why adding more keywords actually hurt his campaign. Marco Wenisch is the CEO and Co-Founder at di Venisco and Economic Solution AppsMacro's Planner

567: Kids Apps Success Story with Gonzalo Rodriguez

Today's guest has been featured on both Apple and Google Play with over 8 million downloads for their kids apps. You will discover how localizing their apps led to their growth, how he landed a Google Play feature and why he's removing all the in-app purchases from their most popular apps. Gonzalo Rodriguez is the CEO & Co-Founder at Papumba.
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