554: Later Life Entrepreneurship with Charlie Nooney

Today's guest is the Chairman and CEO at MobiTV which allows pay TV and on-demand TV providers to stream broadcast TV on mobile and streaming devices. You will discover tips on later life entrepreneurship, putting your ego in check and fund raising advice from someone who’s raised over $100M. Charlie Nooney is Chairman and CEO at MobiTV, Inc.

Apple Feature Request Form 🍎

Coming up, I'm going to share the new way that you have to pitch Apple to land a feature. Stay tune. If you want to see how we've helped 12 of our clients get featured by Apple and 3 alone in May 2017, then join us on the live webinar that is happening on June 15, 2017: http://www.appmasters.co/apple

553: Using AR & VR for Knowledge Transfer with Mark Cheben

Today's guests shares how some of the biggest companies are using augmented and virtual reality to train their employees and transfer knowledge. You will discover the future of AR and VR, lessons from him being laid off and finally how to communicate complicated ideas. Mark Cheben is Global Marketing Director at EON Reality.

An Interview on Xoomly: App Marketing Genius

Listen to Steve's interview on xoomly and how he became the top mobile app developers . You will discover: Want to build a top 10 mobile app or game? Learn from the top mobile app developers in the space as they share tips and tricks on how they built their business. Topics range from mobile marketing to mobile game development to mobile services. If you want to succeed in the mobile space, this podcast delivers invaluable lessons from successful mobile entrepreneurs. Subscribe to xoomly on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/escape-9-to-5-online-business-passive-income-side-hustle/id1109902361?mt=2

This is the Best Investment I’ve Made 👌

Since the beginning of the podcast and my app entrepreneur journey there's one single investment that I've made that has changed everything for me. This investment has doubled my business year over year. This investment allows me to NOT do any outbound marketing. This investment has brought me such great amazing new friends. Have an idea what this investment is?

551: Facebook Targeting Hacks with Manol Georgiev

Coming up is the presentation from our App Masters Connect Vegas about Facebook targeting hacks with my friend Manol. This presentation is heavy on visuals so I recommend checking out the video, however, if you're busy you'll get a ton out of it with just the audio. You will discover how to use precise targeting to lower your CPI on Facebook ads and how to find highly targeted interests using the Audience Insights tool. Manol  Georgiev is the User Acquisition Specialist for Facebook and Instagram.

An Interview on SMB Stories: Turn Your Side Hustle Into A Real Business

Listen to Steve's interview on SMB Stories and how he turn his side hustle into a Real Business. You will discover: Being a small business owner of a side business is no small feat. Most people don’t do it. Starting a side business is serious stuff! And we need to take it seriously It all comes back to what you have as a vision and goal for yourself. If accomplishing your vision will require that you set a goal to create a business that will support you within 6 months, that is going to drive you to make the sacrifices you need to when you really only feel like watching that movie. If your vision is just “someday I’m going to start that business.” Well, guess what, no you won’t. Going through this exercise will help you find the time you need to get a side business started. Having a vision will help you dedicate yourself to using that time effectively. Now that you have the time and dedication, there are only two things left! Getting started and then keep on going. Subscribe to SMB Stories on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/small-business-stories-we-all-start-small-get-started/id736555942?mt=2 Subscribe to SMB Stories on Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/small-business-stories
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