How to A/B Test App Icons on Google Play

I shared with you that the number one mistake that developers make for an Apple feature is design. An app icon is very critical to your app’s success.

565: How to Market a Game Profitably with Jeff Gurian

Today's guest is the VP of Marketing & Ad Monetization at Kongregate and he shares how to market a mobile game profitably and at scale. You will discover how they start A/B testing during the game conception phase, why they focus on ad engagement as a critical metric, how to use organic growth to fund UA, and how indies can better monetize their games. It's a jam packed episode that you don't want to miss. Jeff Gurian is VP, Marketing & Ad Monetization at Kongregate (a Game Stop company).

My Favorite Graphic Design Service for Apps

I'm going to reveal you my favorite service to help you scale up your emoji apps and lower your design costs. I've used this service for app icons, screenshots, and even iMessage stickers. Affiliate link for Design Pickle:

An Interview on Breaking the Borders: How to Create Buzz for Your App Launch

Listen to Steve's interview on Breaking the Borders and shares how to Create Buzz for Your App Launch. You will discover: How Steve got into the app space The first assignment Steve had in marketing One thing that Steve feels like they do really well right now What happened that caused him to have 100K downloads in one weekend Success strategies for PR for our app When you should start creating a buzz How to test and track your emails The optimal day and time to launch an app The best day of the week to send someone an email How to get press for your app The email template that Steve uses to get press

564: Validating Ideas by Removing Barriers with Max Bluvband

Today's guest has raised over $12M combined for all his companies and he shares how you should view fundraising as a tool and tips on pitching investors. You will also discover how he validated his initial concept, removing price as a barrier and how to stay happy when this hits the fan. Max Bluvband is the Co-Founder & CEO at AppsVillage.

563: The Basic Questions to Ask Before Developing Your App with Michael Sacca

Today's guest went from running his own agency to running and then selling the company to Dribbble. You will discover the basic questions you should ask yourself before developing your app.  Also, he shares the key differences between a bootstrapped company and a VC funded one, how his podcast led to this new opportunity and why marinating on an idea and actually help you execute on it quickly. Michael Sacca is the President at Crew and Co-Host at

An Interview on App Academy Podcast: Steve Young – and Successful Press Releases

Listen to Steve's interview on App Academy Podcast and shares how he started and Successful Press Releases. You will discover: Would you put more emphasis on the idea or the execution? How would you weigh each of them and why? Both are important but I would say more on the execution. Ideas can change and there are so many ways an idea can be executed. So for me, it will be30% idea and 70% execution. What is your biggest learning lesson on your journey so far? Becoming focused on a particular niche and trying to be the best at it. That decision is a matter of listening to what people are saying. Subscribe to App Academy Podcast on iTunes: Subscribe to App Academy Podcast on Stitcher
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