Pricing Models for Mobile Apps (Plus the #1 Question You Should Ask)

Discover the correct pricing model that you should deploy on the different apps, the different categories of apps. Plus! The number one question that you should ask yourself because if none of these models will work then don't answer this very critical question first! Sign up for App Masters Academy:

How to Use Apple Search Ads for Keyword Research (ASO)

You are going to discover how to use apple search ads to find new keywords for your campaign and for ASO. I've been able to find some really nice gems using this exact strategy. Sign up for App Masters Academy:

593: How to Easily Respond to App Store Reviews with Evgeny Kruglov

Today's guest is the Co-Founder and CMO at AppFollow a tool that allows you to easily manage and respond to app store reviews and track your keyword rankings in real-time. You will discover who he ended up as a Co-Founder after leaving his previous company, how he sold his shares to his previous business partner and the power of starting a podcast. Evgeny Kruglov is the Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer at AppFollow.

Revenue Talk at Founder Institute Sacramento

Is the recording from my presentation at Founder Institute Sacramento. I share three approaches to revenue that has helped me grow this very business. I talk a lot about the marco and the micro details to validating an idea and making revenue. Got a ton of great feedback on this talk so I hope you enjoy it! Sign up for App Masters Academy:

592: Consulting to Fund Your Big Ideas with Andy Seavers

You're going to hear from a founder who quit his job and 7 months into building his project his main customers were not going to buy thereby ending the whole project. You will hear how he recovered to build a successful consulting business and a new app called Taste. You will also discover why certain entrepreneurs make it and why others have to go back to corporate life. Andy Seavers is the CEO / CO-FOUNDER at Taste.

Simple Monetization Hack to Increase Ad Revenue

Coming up, you're going to discover a cool, little monetization hack that my guest stumbled upon and it's a cool little trick that you can use although it's a little sneaky. Sign up for App Masters Academy:

591: Creating an On-Demand Healthcare Startup with Greg Drobnick

Today's guest has raised over $52M for Heal, a startup that allows on-demand doctor house calls. You will discover how to start and expand an on-demand service, how to execute and grow an idea and lastly how to find a co-founder that is aligned with your vision. Greg Drobnick is the Co-Founder‚Äčand EVP of Strategic Initiatives at Heal, the nation's leading app for on-demand doctor house calls.

590: Google Top Sales Executive to App Founder with Steve Benson

Today's guest was Google Enterprise's Top Sales Executive in 2009. In 2012, he founded Badger Maps, the #1 Sales App in the Apple App Store, which helps Field Sales People be more successful. You will discover how he validated the idea, his line of questioning to make sure his prospects would actually pay for the product and why you have to double the time you think your app is going to take to build and monetize. Steve is the Founder and CEO of Badger Maps.
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