An Interview on Side Hustle Nation

Here's my interview on the Side Hustle Nation podcast! You will hear about the early days of the podcast when I was just doing hosting it on the side. You'll discover how I used lunch breaks, early morning, and late nights, to put out two episodes a week and start building up authority and an audience in the app space. Within four months I had my first consulting client, and within seven months I became a full-time entrepreneur. Subscribe to The Side Hustle Show on iTunes! Subscribe to The Side Hustle Show on Android! Subscribe to The Side Hustle Show via RSS!

544: Job Matching Based on Personality with Kieran Canisius

Today's guest is building a platform that matches jobs in the life sciences based on personality. You will discover how to balance building a product while running a services business, how to identify issues with relationships and processes and tips on managing a team. Kieran Canisius is the CEO and founder of Zocket, the next big thing to come to life science career development and job hunting.

The Tools We Use to Land 12 Apple Features in 16 Months

Coming up you will discover seven of our favorite tools to use when trying to get our clients featured by Apple. Get the email template we use to get clients featured by Apple: Last week, we talked about the Apple Feature Timeline...

541: Running an Agency After a Successful Product with Jo Overline

Today's guest made over a $1M with his viral app, The Ugly Meter, and he shares how he transitioned from a successful product to running a software development agency. You will discover how they help startups rapidly prototype their MVP, why planning is so important as your team grows and why he decided to run an agency rather than continuing to make more products. Jo Overline is CEO / Co-Founder at SwingDev.
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