The Best ASO Tool for Google Play

Coming up, you will discover which ASO tool has the best data when it comes to optimizing for Google Play. We share real data and real rankings.

561: AI Powered Meditation with Derik Lawlis

Today's guest built an AI-powered meditation app with some of the biggest influencers in the mindfulness space. You will discover how he partnered with these influencers, strategies to get closer to your customers and lastly a downloads breakdown through all the various marketing channels. Derik Lawlis is the founder at Mindbliss.

560: 10X Revenue with This Sales Formula with Jim Brown

Today's guest has led two companies from $1 million to more than $10 million and now trains entrepreneurs how to 10X their revenue using a step-by-step sales formula. You will discover his formula along with a live demonstration of the process. Jim Brown hosts is the SalesTuners podcast where he talks with world-class sales performers about the techniques, behaviors, and attitudes that listeners can use to close more deals and make more money.

559: Successful In-App Marketing Campaigns with Dustin Amrhein

If you're only using push notifications to re-engage with your customers, then you need to keep up with the times. In today's episode you will discover successful types of in-app marketing campaigns which include in-app messages and surveys. Also, listen to the part of the show when he shares the best in-app campaigns for games. Dustin Amrhein is the Customer Success Lead, the first automated in-app marketing platform.

An Interview on The How of Business: Starting & Growing a Small Business

Listen to Steve's interview on The How of Business and shares how to start and growing a small business. You will discover: Steve share some of the challenges he experienced with starting his small business. Steve explains how he funded his start-up. “If you are doing a side-hustle you are not really an entrepreneur yet.” (you are a wanrepreneur) He explains how he is using podcast appearances as a marketing method. Steve shares his advice for Online Marketing for Small Business. He shares the story of creating apps on the side, leading to the formation and growth of his business AppMasters. “Focus on top-line sales.” Subscribe to The How of Business on iTunes: Subscribe to The How of Business on Stitcher

558: Why Apps Fail (Hint: Engagement) with Vasilii Diachenko

Today's guest talks about the number one reason why apps fail - engagement. He talks about using personalization and app tutorials to make sure your downloads turn into engaged, raving fans. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares a growth hack that led him to working with big companies like KFC. Vas Diachenko is the Founder & CEO at LoyaltyPlant.

The Most Cost Effective App Marketing Strategies

You are going to discover the most effective app marketing strategies to boost your downloads. See full infographic: Get exclusive launch pricing on the new App Masters Academy: Join us at App Masters Connect:

557: Bootstrapping an App Builder with Ian Naylor

You will discover how today's guest bootstrapped his company by talking to businesses in person so he could scale his learnings digitally. Now he has raise a bit of investment money and you will want to hear his lessons on funding and things you should stay away from. Ian Naylor is CEO & Founder of AppInstitute.

An Interview on Daily Spark: Unique Success Path

Listen to Steve's interview on Daily spark and shares how he achieved unique success path his mobile app business . Subscribe to Daily Spark on iTunes: Subscribe to Daily Spark on Stitcher Subscribe to Daily Spark on Soundcloud
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